BlogHer – It’s like an Ocean

You would think a network of Bloggers would be a good thing – lot’s of publicity, connections with other writers, etc. Why take the risk of starting your own blog when you can join an already massive network of bloggers who get to write about what they want? It sounds like a good idea, and it also removes the need to gain recognition from all the way at the bottom. The reason it sounds too good to be true is because it is too good to be true. I just looked through BlogHer and looked at maybe the first two pages of the food section. It was a mess. The amount of content that was released in a single MORNING (mind you that It’s around 10:30AM right now) is staggering. The first page was only from October 29th, 2013 (today), as was the second. There was just such a massive flood of content that I could barely focus on any particular author or blogger. That’s when it hit me. That is the major problem with blogging networks. You’re not an individual in a blogging network. You are a part of a massive web of interconnected people that form one mega blog that has no real distinct voice of its own. Sure, the writing style differed from post to post, but in general I couldn’t care less about who wrote those posts. It was like looking for a single fish in an ocean. The network was just too massive to even look at any particular writer.

As I said before, a blogging network saves you the trouble of building up your website’s reputation, but what it doesn’t do is give you immediate popularity as a writer. In fact, it’s probably much harder to gain a good writing reputation because of the fact that your posts will most likely get flooded out in a matter of hours. That is why I prefer having my own blog. I get to build it up myself without any help. If it gets popular, I know it will be from my own ability. Sure, a blogging network could help people discover your other articles, but I think the initial cost of joining a blogging network outweighs the positives. Taking a look at my own blog, if I had joined a Japanese music blog network, I don’t think anyone would care for what music I listened to. Hell, people barely even care right now. Putting myself up against other individuals who are in the same position as I am would only cause me to sink or swim. In most cases, I would probably sink. I’m going to stay away from blogging networks and stick to what I know, even if I’m giving up the chance to be on a frequently visited website.

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