BlogHer bloggers blogging only ’bout Her

I think the idea of BlogHer is very cool.  It’s great for new bloggers, as they can post on a blog that other people are already coming to and reading.   In my opinion, this is the hardest thing about blogging, or for websites in general: people finding your work. While I don’t think I’m all that interested in the content on BlogHer, some of it is appealing.  And this works for BlogHer, as a plethora of writers makes a plethora of content.  Different writing styles also appeals to different readers, creating content that appeals to a larger audience.

Social media surely fits in with BlogHer, as all of the posts can lead you to the profiles of the author.  Rather than a single author blog where the readers know about who is writing, BlogHer means every article could be someone new.  To learn about them, you can go right to their facebooks or LinkedIn profiles.  You can also view all of their other posts.  In addition, BlogHer makes it easy for you to “share” posts you like onto your favorite social media sites, like facebook.  All in all, BlogHer makes it very easy for you to gain credibility and followers through social media and a multi author blog.

BlogHer makes me wish that there was something like for the topic I am blogging about.  Perhaps some sort of video gaming blog, or more specifically, a gaming inspired baking or cooking blog.  I would love to read that kind of content from other bloggers, too!  It would be especially helpful to exchange advice with other bakers about the best recipes or methods for decorating, etc.

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