Annotated Bib 7

Parkins, Cameron. “Brooklyn Museum.” . Creative Commons, 05 Feb 2010. Web. 31 Oct 2013. <>.

This article explains how the Brooklyn Museum is a huge contributor and active supporter of creative commons. The Brooklyn Museum uses Flickr to post their photos of interesting artwork that is lucky enough to make it into their collection. These collections of images are shared with everyone on Flickr. This provides a solid foundation for a devoted community who help each other grow and learn about the images on a more in-depth level. The museum also licenses all of its images under a CC Attribution-NonCommerical license, which gives credit to the creator and makes the media not available for commercial purposes. This article and the Brooklyn Museum are both big examples of how creative commons can be used for an organization and provide media for everyone to view and enjoy. BM also holds a contest where they take one element and everyone can remix it or remake it however they want. The winner of the contest gets recognition for their work and a prize!

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