Annotated Bib 7: Blogging With Authority!

Park, David W. “Blogging With Authority”. International Journal of Communication, Vol. 3, 2009. pgs. 250-273.

In this article, the author argues that the success of news and political blogging hinges on how much bloggers have mangaged their positions. The key aspect in his argument is that if blogging is journalism, then it should be managed as any other form of journalistic communication, such as television, newspapers and radio. More of the focus is on gaining advertisements and making blogging an actual job. Credibility and authority fall upon the operated of the blog, and if they are found to be a credible and reliable source, then they can be considered a part of the journalistic norm. Especially in political blogging, getting the right information helps an author become a valuable source. Authority is central as well, as the blogger has a sense of autonomy to print whatever news he or she pleases, yet if the news is inaccurate then the blog will suffer. Interviewing a variety of bloggers and their blogging types, Park found differences in how bloggers portray news and information, and if it is considered blogging.

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