losing count of these annotated bibs


The BigK. “Is short Content= Thin Content?”
18 Nov. 2012. Google Forum.
29 Oct. 2013.


The BigK has posed a question on a forum. He runs a news blog, and his readers have suggested that the BigK and his news blog write shorter articles. They have kept readership growing and growing because of this change. The BigK wrote that their articles range from 150 – 200 words, which is pretty short. Their content is to the point which their readers love. He asked if Google values quick or long information. All the answers provided that it doesn’t matter what the length of the article is as long as it is filled with good details. The length of the article doesn’t mean that an article is great. As long as an article is rich in content, it’ll be perfect.

This proves that people desire short content. News sites usually have long articles with a lot of repetitive details. They elongate a news story as more information is discovered. But the BigK and his readers prove that shorter articles are what people desire. Readership went up and all his followers were loyal due to the change. People want quick information on all blog sites because people only desire the major details. People have grown lazy because technology is evolving and because we as humans are evolving. We desire quick and short information no matter what the story is about.

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