I’m Taking A Look At Blogher

So I’m taking a look at Blogher and It turns out to be a blog that many individual women bloggers blog on.  This is really good idea because a big and popular blog allows individual bloggers to gain more publicity and reputation.  This helps out unknown bloggers who are just starting out to gain more experience in the blogging world.  Blogher is able to broadcast their personal blog posts so other people would be able to read their material.  Creating your own personal blog instead of doing a group blog, it’s a whole lot tougher since you have to gain a fan base and create the blog from scratch.  It’s a whole lot more effort than just creating an account and punching out a few posts.  The great thing about Blogher is when you read a post that you really like, you are able to click on the individual’s profile to read more of the work they have done.   This also leverages social media because they have links available so readers are able to follow them on twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc..  Blogher is killing two birds with one stone because Blogher gains more popularity and individual bloggers gain a larger fan base.

If I could imagine a network blog that I would fit in with, it would be a group food blog.  Since my blog is obviously about food, a larger food blog would give me a advantage because the blog already has a fan base so it’s easier for my writing to get noticed.  The bloggers within this food blog would also help me with my writing.  My food knowledge would also expand because I would be reading and taking tips from other fellow food bloggers.

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