I Know Your Tired of Annotated Bibs!

Levon Lloyd, Prachi Kaulgud, Steven Skiena. “Newspapers Vs. Blogs: Who Gets The Scoop”. www.cs.sunysb.edu/~skiena/lydia/blogs. 2005.  Department of Computer Science

State University of New York at Stony Brook

This article compiles evidence and analysis as to why newspapers are declining and by blogs are the go to outlet for news. This article doesn’t point why there is such a divide but it focuses on facts and studies of readers and the audiences that newspaper and blogs attract. It also sheds light on how blogging impacts and affects newspapers and vice versa. Because when newspapers run a story it becomes a bloggers job to ask the questions that the people want to know which causes newspapers to give more information on that story. Basically this article shows the ways in which blogs and newspapers actually help each other out even when the two outlets think they are against each other. Also this article makes reference as to why readership of blogs by people are into pop culture is higher and why readership of newspapers by people are in to politics and serious news is higher. But overall this article shows factual evidence based on a study as to why readership can be up or down when it comes to newspapers and blogs.

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