Annotated Bib #? (somewhere near 100 it seems)

Saini, Angela. “Devaluing Journalism .” Nothing Shocks me, I’m a Scientist. N.p., n. d. Web. 30 Oct. 2013. <;.


Summary: Throughout her blog post (I know it is ironic that someone who is posting about how blogs are devaluing journalism is writing on her blog) Saini speaks about how the practice of journalism is being devalued because so many people are writing blogs or on other forums so regularly that companies no longer wish to pay journalist to do jobs that they believe others can do for free or cheaper.  In reality however, this is creating a lack of good journalism and will cause the media to suffer in due time.  She also speaks about how companies are hearing interns for littler or no pay and then making the interns write for them for free.  This in turn is creating the value of news and journalism to become less than it was.  This cannot go on for much longer or the value will continue to go down and people will not get sufficient news.  She also mentions that Journalist unlike bloggers need to be valued for their ability to be on the ground, exploring, experiencing, and investigating in order to get in depth good stories which is overlooked by these new inexperienced and uneducated writers.


This article shows how people still value journalists and how journalists need to value themselves and see their own worth in order to maintain the profession and even to bring the profession out of the slump that it is currently in.  Furthermore, it shows how the education of journalism does make a huge difference in someone’s writing ability and how amateur writers that write for cheaper and free will soon devalue the news system.


I agree with this post.  I think it is interesting how she mentions that journalists need to learn how to value themselves.  I think this is so true.  Overall, people need to realize their value and realize that if they do not want the news to drift into the sloppy way that it is becoming, they have to step up and demand greatness in both the writing and the process of giving news.

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