Tools of BlogHer Help Individual Bloggers Succeed

I think individual bloggers would benefit from joining a community of bloggers such as BlogHer.  This seems to be a place where individual bloggers can get more exposure to readers than if they were on their own. Because BlogHer seems to have a reputation for quality content, readers may look for blogs here as opposed to searching say on Google for a particular blog that may or may not have quality content.  Another benefit to individual bloggers would be having more exposure.  If you are reading one particular blog you will see at the end other blogs that are related to the one you just read.  On the right side bar are comments, posts and more blogs also related to what you are reading.

While I think it is possible for individual bloggers to have a presence on social media, BlogHer helps make it happen for everyone That is a part of BlogHer. There are numerous articles, posts and tutorials to help bloggers navigate their way into social media.  I think this gives an edge to BlogHer bloggers.  BlogHer also has many other articles, posts and tutorials to help bloggers be better bloggers.  Each individual blog has a social media menu that allows readers to share what they are reading on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.  This helps bring additional exposure to the individual blogger.

If I were to become part of a blogging network it would be BlogHer.  They have so many tools to help bloggers succeed.  And I like the fact that they are a large group of women supporting one another.  I like that their is so much exposure for a blogger on BlogHer.  This would only further help my individual blog succeed.

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