Old School Candy Store

So retro, sellin all dat candy doe

Online promotions, online ordering, custom basket making, seasonal events, fundraisers for charity, customer appreciation week: users vote for their favorite type of candy and that featured candy will be sold all week for half off. Also retro candy SWAG (like hats and t-shirts), maybe RnD for our own brand of candy. Advertise as wacky new candy

Social media: Twitter, Facebook for updating users on new deals and promotions. Also post new events on FB. Upload pics of happy customers with their baskets. Hold polls on Facebook. Release poll information on both sites. Goals of social media sites to keep consumers engaged at all times through the internet. Keep them updated with all the latest news and get them excited about buying some sweet, sweet candy

Social Media Policies: No swearing – this is a family fun environment. Number 1 goal is to inform, entertain, and promote. Customer satisfaction number one priority. Do not ask customer why they are buying what they are buying. Only recommend things as a secondary option. The customer is always right. Keep all upcoming products a secret. No information leaks will be tolerated unless told otherwise. Only the Social Media Manager has access to Twitter and Facebook accounts. Other employees may aid the manager in updates, but they themselves lack the power to access the accounts directly. Anything posted by someone other than the manager must be approved. This is to avoid tarnishing the company’s website.

For the Manager: Be professional. You are expected to be able to communicate the company’s will in a respectful and friendly manner. Leaking company secrets and upcoming products will NOT be tolerated at any level. Stay up to date with the news, and premature release of RnD secrets will result in on-the-spot firing. Use proper online etiquette when updating customers on statuses and news.

Social Media Manager: Extensive knowledge of Facebook and Twitter are to be expected. Know the websites inside and out. Know how to tweet properly and effectively, know how to create Facebook events, and know how to use proper/professional discourse. Be able to keep up with the latest deals and products that the company relays to you. The manager is in charge of maintaining both social media accounts. Formatting should be clean and professional. Delete any unnecessary spam, be able to use the most complicated features, and have an advanced understanding of technology and the internet. Experienced writers will have a higher chance of being hired. This includes having a blog, holding other social media positions, etc.

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