Little Blogger Fish in a Big Sea

So BlogHer seems to be this website that is a wall full of bog post that are from different bloggers. It separates post by topic and categories and gives readers easy access to all different kinds of post. But, I do feel as if BlogHer has a few flaws when it comes to it being an asset to individual bloggers because of the amount of content displayed on one page, it is a greater chance that a bloggers post may be over looked. As a reader of blogs I never want to be overwhelmed with information and the BlogHer site has so much information displayed on one page I have no idea where my attention should go. So this becomes a problem for bloggers who want to gain exposure from joining a site like BlogHer because it doesn’t guarantee that a bloggers post will be read or even noticed. But as far BlogHer leveraging social media I am not really sire because I didn’t see anything that connected the site to social media outlets such as twitter or facebook. But I do think that individual bloggers could create a presence on social media sites by using the idea of networking.

Also, if I was to create a network of blogs where my blog would fit in, it would be a network of Hip Hop lovers who also love the idea of being the go to site for all things in entertainment news ranging from gossip to fashion. It would be a atmosphere where hip hop lovers bring back the feel of old school hip hop that was birth in the 80s era. It would be a community that supports each other by showing that people within the world of hip hop can come together and be about more than just violent lyrics and beefing

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