BlogHer May Help You

I think that if you are a new blogger looking for a bit of a push or boost then this blogging site would be best for you. This is a big site where you can get some readers to follow your posts, especially if you update often. It is hard to start off as a new blogger and not having anyone follow your blogs. It is mentally difficult to continue blogging not knowing if someone is actually reading your work. BlogHer gives new bloggers the assurance that they will have some people reading their work. I personally really like this blog because you will read many different point’s of views and can find many different topics on this site; it has topics that can appeal to just about anyone.

I think to make a big movement with social media you do have to start from nothing so I do think it is possible for an individual bloggers to use social media to their full advantage. They could use things like Facebook and twitter to inform others of their personal blog. Sharing is so common on social media so the blogger’s blog could get recognized more quickly through these means of social media.

I saw a post on this blog ,which talked about a kid getting banned off Facebook because of a zombie picture they posted; I think my blog will do just fine here. I do funny, weird or crazy new related things and this blog is pretty random so I think my blog would fit in. The bloggers within the network would support one another by follow the other’s stories and commenting; spreading the world an all. Some blogger will bring their followers to the website and that will bring more readers to your posts.


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