Blogger.. No, blog HER

Blogher seems like a large blog platform where many different women come and are able to post blog posts on topics of their personal choice.  Overall, I think that blogging for a bigger platform would be beneficial to someone who is not interested in the constant maintenance of maintaining their own blog and having to deal with blog specifics like having only one or two topics to blog about, or having to create an appealing background, header, and cover photo for their blog.  Then there is the difficult process of promoting your blog, gaining followers and readers and being able to keep a specific schedule of writing in order to maintain your readership.  Sure, guest blogging will not allow you to become a really well known blogger famous for your specific blog, but I think guest blogging would be a great start for someone who wants to get into blogging but does not know if it is right for them.  I think it would be smart for someone to begin guest blogging, maybe then go on to make their own personal blog once they get the hang of guest blogging.  Or it could also be good for someone who has their own blog, to also guest blog so that their name could get out there.  If someone reads an article that you write on a guest blog, and really enjoys your style of writing, they may then Google you or look to see if you have your own blog which will give you more followers.  Either way, guest blogging is a cool way to be able to write, but not have to deal with the process of making the layout and the other odds and ends that can be annoying.

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