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BlogHer is essentially a blog with all female bloggers. They have a multitude of female bloggers who post about all different topics ranging from horrible, demeaning Halloween costumes to how to bake apple pie. They all have a specific voice, but yet, they still their topics relate to the blog. They grew their readership to a crazy 92 million.

Blogher uses Facebook and Twitter. On the top of all their posts, they have two buttons for sharing individual posts. It makes more sense that they would use these two social media sites because Blogher is all about the content. They e-mail newsletters to whoever signs up. They don’t really make use of social media to the extreme because they are so well known. So many other blog sites have more links such as an RSS feed button or an Instagram button. Blogher is simple.

As an individual blogger, it is hard to get your content to reach a massive audience at first. You don’t have much funds or connections to easily and quickly connect to a million readers at once. You can work your way up. I believe bloggers can utilize social media to get their work out. They should always provide links on their social media websites (once in a while!) to remind people that they are blogging. This will gain readership from family, friends, and others much faster than waiting and hoping someone comes across your blog. Help from social media never fails. I know of a company who uses many social media platforms to connect with everyone, and they have gained readership on their blog and more followers, as well as customers.

Being that my blog is about college tips with subtopics like fashion, food, and study tips, my blog would fit a blogosphere of tips. Lifehacktips would have the “type” of network my blog and I would fit in. I would write about tips and then can specially dedicate a college section for me…imagine? I believe we would give support by sharing each other’s content, commenting, and giving a lot of feedback. It is great to have your work shared by a fellow peer. I wonder how Blogher keeps their writers motivated because they have so many writers. Do they e-mail them encouraging words? Do they feature post them? I know their homepage has recently updated posts- chronologically ordered. I guess that’s a great way to gain readership.

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