50 Shakes

50 shakes:
Jordanna’s shakes in a mall kiosk

This company is a smoothie company based off of Magic Bullet and Me, Jordanna’s blog. The menu items will all be shakes she has featured on her site. Our company will be present on  social media sites (facebook,  twitter, instagram) and also have our own site where customers will make accounts, so we can keep track of them, their wants, and their feedback. If the customers link up or follow other accounts on twitter, instagram, and facebook then when they give their emails we will send free coupons to them. Only those sites will email the customer these specific coupons. The most active user will receive a free shake at the end of the week. We will have  contests and coupons available for followers of our sites. Punching a reward card at each visit will allow you to win a free tshirt.  One of the contests will allow you to become a Bulleter. We can expand our business through sponsorship through Magic Bullet.

Our social media policy:

Any abusive employees will be determined by the manager for termination

Keep special shake recipes confidential or else

Managers are the only ones to reply to customer concerns

Employee personal image represents the company, so withhold from doing bad things

Job description-

Currently looking for a public relation manager for 50 Shakes.

Public Relation Managers should successfully persuade, attract and mandate customers to visit their local 50 shakes stores and buy a drink. In addition, they should be able to marketed and successfully advertise our shakes through various platforms. Platforms includes such: Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and most importantly our company website.

Managers are also responsible for keeping our company website attractive and up to date with the most current and successful drink out in the market. Managers are also responsible for also addressing customer questions and satisfaction through the social media websites.

Background Experience:

  • High School graduate with some college education
  • 3+ years or equivalent on the field of PR
  • Mandatory Portfolio

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