Younique Threads

What will we Sell?

Customized Clothes

Our new business will keep up with the latest trends. However, instead of following with the crowd, customers can create their own designs. We have ‘base’ items of sweaters, shirts, pants, etc. Customers can choose their own colors, designs, and patterns of what they want their item to look like. We will have a process in which the customers will first choose their clothing item and follow series of steps that will enable them to customize their item. For example, a customer chooses a camo jacket. They can then choose the color of the jacket, the color and design of the buttons, different pocket colors, etc. They will be able to see their final product and make changes before purchasing it. They can see it on a virtual model to see if it will look well. Our items will be very fashionable and fashion updated. Upload pics of customers and their new creations they purchased. Constant contests such as: upload your creations that you bought and the best wins 50% off on their next purchase. It will be easy to customize.

Goals for social media & which will we use: 

We will have an app. It will be easy customize their item, and the app will have an easy access button to post their “creations” on a social media website (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) without actually purchasing it. They have the option of buying their created item. Then with the creations we will hold contests on who made the best. We plan to have a lot of customer interactions. We want to get the message out about sales and contests. We want to let our customers know about every update- want them to feel like they are a part of the company in a way. (For example: We just received new stocks of this, followed by a picture of the stock.) We will use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It will be a great way to reach the most audience. All our social media sites will contain pictures. All of them will have mini ads. Twitter and Facebook will have more customer interaction by replying to messages. Other sites, we will always comment and mention customers.

Customers can upload their finished products (from the app) onto all the social media sites. They can tag us and we can use  customer uploads to choose winners. We want people to upload their outfits onto their websites so we can feature them! We want people to reply, retweet, like, and love our posts and products. It will be great because our products will get spread more quickly. We also want to use banners on other websites that target the proper market of people who love fashion! We will also have Facebook exclusive ads.

Social Media Policy:

1) Be respectful, responsible, and ethical.

-Respect Copyright.

2) Use Good judgement. 

3) Don’t release confidential, Private, and Personal information.

-When using personal social media sites, make sure to state that your opinions do not represent the company’s ideas.

-Do not release information (such as newsletters or new social media tactics), unless the company has done so first.

-Be aware that others will associate you with your employer!

4) Don’t use customers’ photos without their permission. 

5) Don’t respond to contest entries with your own Account. 

6) Don’t post unless you are the designated spokesperson  (Marketing, PR, Owners themselves). 

-Must have legal approval from the company, and/or speak to your manager.

Any violations will be reviewed by the Human Resources Board, and depending on the degree of the offense, it will result in a warning or termination.  


Looking for a full-time experienced Social Media Manager, preferably a webmaster who will constantly update our posts and different social media sites. We would love someone who is comfortable with java and codes, for changing up our websites once in a while. We are a professional clothing company who has recently spread and am in need of some extra help. The Social Media Manager will need to execute strategies that will raise revenue and awareness. We are looking for a quick, strategic, and creative individual who will fit our company’s policies and needs.

The Manager will:

– Update our customers with new information.

– Update contests and keep tabs with contestants.

– Post photos of new products.

– Constantly create new social media ideas.

– Update our website’s designs when needed.

– Manage customers’ feedbacks and messages on social media websites, e-mails will be taken care of by the Customer Service Department.

– Implement new strategies.

– Work closely with the Social Media Department as well as all the other departments.


– Minimum 3 years of social media management.

– Excellent writing skills.

– Excellent editing skills, such as Photoshop.

– Creative, quick, witty, and motivating.

– Have Analytic Skills.

– Have 3 recommendations.

– Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Management, Computers Science, IT, or Communications.

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