Where is Blogging Headed? Mainstream ?

Joel,Mitch. “The future of Blogging Might Surprise You”. http://www.twistimage.com/blog/archives/the-future-of-blogging-might-surprise-you/ . September 30,2010. The Sic Pixels of Separation.

In this article the author takes the stance of where blogging is headed in the near future. He highlights the fact that blogging started off as a thing that normal people did who wanted to have a voice and needed an outlet to connect with people. And he notices that now blogging is turning into something that mainstream outlets are grasping to in order to advertise and connect with consumers because it is cost affective and there’s a real interaction. The article also notices bloggers as journalist and the author never separates the two because he recognizes both bloggers and journalist as writers. He also states that blogs are now being recognized as mass media news outlets that aren’t censored and allows readers to generate the content by commenting on post. People have become more and more fascinated with technology and being that blogs are rooted online it is only right that blogs become the new normal for all things news.

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