The Phone Filer

The product our group has developed is the Phone Filer.  This gadget is a cell phone case that has a flap on the back where you can store your ID, credit cards, etc.  We would present the product on Instagram because users could post pictures of themselves using the product.  We would initiate contests such as  Phone Filer design contest where people on Instagram can vote for their favorite.  We would also issue promo codes on Instagram for true followers.  There could also be a contest on who wears their Phone Filer the best.





Social Media Policy

Employees cannot post personal pictures of  themselves on company social media unless they have the product on them.

Any inappropriate pictures or wording regarding the company on an employees personal social media account will result in probationary measures.  Any future incidents may result in termination.

Social Media Manager

Writing background.

Background/knowledge in all social media venues.

Good time management.

Candidate must manage & keep current with the company’s blog.

Two years management experience necessary.

Must be able to work well with others.


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