Professional Only Media

Rosen, Corie Lynn. “Are Blogs Protected under the First Amendment?”. Legalzoom. Oct. 2007. Web. 24th Oct. 2013.

This article makes the interesting observation that our current policies regarding information online is not keeping up to pace the evolution of the internet. The article primarily brings up several points regarding the FEC suggesting to regulate political speech in blogs by extending the 2002 campaign finance laws to the internet. It also notes how the Free Flow of Information Act, (similar to the shield laws but on a federal level) seems to separate modern media like blogs and traditional media as well as provide extra protections for the pre-internet media writers. This gives off the impression that the government is pushing towards a professional writer based media. The most interesting point that is made is the possible implications of this. Rosen says that a professional-only media would be terrible since “most professionals work for some entity and so are subject to losing their jobs, meaning that their work will be subject to the influence and so will be less objective than a private individual’s blog.” (Rosen).


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