Our company is a wooden duck company, because who really doesn’t want a custom wooden duck? We would utilize three social media outlets: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Specifically, we would have a Twitter account that would make the common ‘twitter bird’ into a duck.  We would also refer to things as ‘quacks’ rather than ‘tweets.’  We would have an app in which costumers can make a ‘duck id.’  This will allow them to make a duck just the way they want it.  The app will allow finished custom ducks to be posted directly to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

In order to get more people into the duck making process we would have weekly contests though our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages where people will post their custom ideas and we will pick the best idea and they will get a prize for winning.  This will encourage people to create a custom id.

This is the Loon-acy social media policy:

-Don’t ‘quack’ about other birds

-Don’t reveal costumer information

-Don’t post false information, or information that is not confirmed within the company

-Respect copyrights

-No personal interactions having to do with personal life

-No complaining about work on social media

*If policies are broken, employee will be suspended.  If broken again employee will be fired.

Social Media Manager Job Description:

Loon-acy is seeking a social media manager who is well versed in the social media outlets of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  They must be passionate about ducks and have marketing experience.  They must also have time management and be able to work in a team environment.  An ideal social media manager will be organized and able to post on the social media sites on schedules provided by company.  They will also have to be creative and be able to come up with social media contest ideas. Previous Social Media job experience is also ideal.


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