Does Journalism Need Blogs?

Lasica, J. D. “Blogs And Journalism Need Each Other.” Nieman Reports 57.3 (2003): 70-74. Communication & Mass Media Complete. Web. 25 Oct. 2013.


This article talks about how Journalism and Blogging need each other. Blogs are a new form of journalism because it allows no voices and new ideas to be heard. Blogging is not replacing journalism; what is occurring is that a new form media ecosystem—a network system. Networks are usually only interested in things that will bring them more revenue, like advertising. This is bad because they are many people and events that have stories to be told but are ignored because they are not benefiting the network. Weblogs are not competing with professionals but instead they are complementing it. What Weblogs do is expand the media universe. Blogs add something valuable and something new that wouldn’t exists without the Web.

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