What The Best Business Bloggers Do

Eridon, Corey, Hubspot, What the Best Business Bloggers Do (And You Should Too), Sept. 25, 2013, Media, Oct. 24, 2013


The article What The Best Business Bloggers Do by Corey Eridon emphasizes on what successful business blogs do.  His very first point on blogging is never stop looking for ways on how to improve your blog.  So to keep your blogs updated read content that has nothing to do with your own blog.  By reading tons of other content it gives the writer new ideas and ways to write a blog, making it up to date and innovative.  Bloggers are sometimes afraid to write blog posts, but if you keep writing that fear will eventually go away since it only gets easier.  Write with personality and empathy to really give the reader a sense that their not just reading a blog that is just boring, people like reading personal writing.

This is a useful source it really gives writers pointers on how to improve their blogs to gain a successful blog post.  Compared to some of my other sources, it may vary a little bit in information but it gives a new perspective.

This source was useful because I can add in the many different ways for a blogger is able to improve.  Like I said it comes close to some of my other sources but it does bring in some new ideas for my research paper.


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