What makes social media different?

Social media is media platform that allows people to interact with another through a certain channel. Comparability, other forms of media are forms of communication that do not show direct interaction. For example books, movie, and tv are all forms of communication a message, but what makes social media different is that unlike all these other forms, you can continually interact and give feedback to the people who communicate with you. The method of communication is much less linear in social media. Social media creates networks that allow people to talk and directly share information with people over the platform.
A blog is one form of social media. A blog allows the blogger to relay information to his followers, who are also able to comment and directly provide feedback to him. In addition a lot of blogging platforms have whole networks that allow users to view each others’ blogs and interact on different levels. Within these networks are also different sub-networks relating to different interests that allow people to communicate with like-minded individuals. By creating a space for people to share information and interact, blogs can be defined as a form of social media.

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