The benefits of offering and using creative commons licenses

“What are the benefits of offering and using creative commons licenses?.” creativecommons. creative commons Australia. Web. 24 Oct 2013. <;.


This article on the creative commons website basically outlines everything that the creative commons licenses offer to its users. Creative Commons users are open to a bundle of benefits. First of all creative commons is recognized internationally as a legal and legitimate license that is enforced the same way in any jurisdiction. Creative commons also offers readily availability material to its audience through a vast pool of resources. Creative commons uses its users as a pool of contributors to its cause, so that more users can become interested and learn about what creative commons is. This makes you a part of creative commons and you become part of a community that supports sharing Even Google allows its users to search for creative commons-only content. This article defines just how a blogger can use creative commons resources, like Flickr, to obtain valuable information that wouldn’t be as easily available using a traditional All Rights Reserved License.


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