Social media? Is it a blog?

Social media is a way for people to communicate online, in another sense social networking.  Social media is a way for other people to stay connected, even if they are not physically in front of you.  People are able to share, create, or exchange information virtually through these networks.    Some forms of social media would be Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  On all these social networks people are able to share and create their own profile with everyone on the internet.  Businesses even use social networking to advertise their company.  It’s a way for them to branch out and attracted the correct demographics for their service or product.  With social media companies are able to keep up to date with customer relations and their needs.  On Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook employees would respond to customers by addressing customer concerns, having special contests, or even asking them to post pictures.  Social Media has allowed these companies to expand and gain a competitive advantage over companies that don’t use them.

Blogging is anther form of social media.  The people who blog share news, stories, personal experience to anyone who would want to read them.  Bloggers keep their readers up to date with all kinds of information and readers are able to send feedback and comments.  Blogging can be used for many different purposes, that’s why many companies have created their own blogs.  These blogs are essentially the same concepts as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  They address customers concerns, throw in special deals, and brand new information about their company.

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