social media

Constant: connection, updates, and conversation are distinct features of social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Gawker, etc. are all forms of social media. Social media is a platform on the internet that connects people all around the world with news in different forms. People update their tweets constantly showing others what they are up to; everyone uses Facebook to upload pictures and comment on others. Social media connects everyone together; it brings people together while sometimes creating arguments and disagreements. The term Social Media describes itself. It is Media that is Social. Forms of media are gossips, news, movies, music, etc. And being social requires interaction- having a conversation, showing that you ‘like’ something, etc.

Blogs are definitely a form of social media. Bloggers upload posts describing their day, introducing a new CD album, challenging the happenings of the Government, and so much more. Readers provide feedback and like or reblog the post. It is constantly buzzing and constantly moving. Social media is what brings everyone together. People gain new information and knowledge based on others’ posts and ideas. People gain new insights because of blog posts. So many blog posts nowadays have cooking recipes and tips, DIYs, and so much more that readers can follow and provide extra tips on. It’s as if people are face-to-face and talking to each other.

Without social media, the internet would be bleak. There would be no news constantly uploading. There will be extra commenters who make reading blogs extra fun. It won’t help us readers and bloggers grow. Social media connects everyone, which means businesses would not have a wider customer base. Everything is connected via social media, and it is pretty great. I just wish people were wiser about it.


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