Interaction with a Side Internet

Social media to me is pretty much anything that can be found on the internet and people can come together and talk about the media. Anything on the internet can be viewed and reviewed by hundreds of thousands of people. If an article from the New York Times is also online then that article is a part of social media. I believe that social media is a form of posting and articles found through internet browsers and websites. To me there are two ways to look at social media. There is the one side that refers to the word social and the other side that focuses on media. If I’m looking at the word social it means that many people can open it up and look at it. Media refers to any sort of photo, video or anything else really found on the internet. Given this view, there are now two ways to look at blogging as a part of social media. On one hand someone could say that blogging is a part of social media because it is found on the internet but on the other hand is that specific blog being read or viewed by all the people of the world. It is true that the blog CAN be viewed by the whole world but it most likely isn’t if it is just a blog that is run by a college student who has little time to update its posts. I believe that just being able to be found by anyone with access to the internet qualifies a blog as a form of social media. It is this ability to allow interaction between internet users that makes a blog social media. I would even go so far as to say that a blog is the perfect example of what social media is.


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