Annotative Bib

Herminda, Alfred. “The Place of Blogs in Journalism Education.” N.p., 22 Dec 2008. Web. 24 Oct 2013. <;.


Summarize: This article spoke about the use of blogging in journalism curriculums in schools today.  Because blogging is becoming more prevalent, there is also a need for students to know how to correctly operate blogs and critique blogs.  Many journalism majors are now expected to know how to blog and to be able to successfully blog.  The importance of blogs are not because they are necessarily journalism in the common sense, but blogs have become an outlet for the greater discussion and a different tone of discussion.  The author discusses how blogs in the sense of being journalism is different because blogging isn’t journalism it could contain journalism but it has much more content.


“The challenge becomes explaining that the blog is not a platform for students to pontificate about what they think about a particular issue. Rather, it is to provide a critical perspective on issues in the news.”  This article provides many good, simply stated quotes that allow the debate to be simplified.  I really enjoyed this article and think it was a direct example of quantity over quality.  Although the article was not very long.  It had many good quotes and ideas that can be used in my paper.


This article shows why it is important for journalists to know how to blog and to know about blogs, but also makes it known that blogging is now journalism.   It doesn’t say blogging is not journalism just because it is not, like many of the other articles that left a big question mark around the subject.  It also doesn’t  bring in the legal aspects that protect journalist and not bloggers. It says that the content of blogs are more in depth versions of a particular news story rather than news and general.


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