Annotated Bib 6: Catablogging

Pedley, Paul. International phenomenon? Amateur Journalism? Legal Minefield?: Why Information Professionals can’t afford to ignore weblogs. Business Information Review, 2005.

This article argues that there are certain areas of information professions have many uses for blogs, while others don’t. For librarians and informative professions, blogs can be important for disseminating information that isn’t necessarily related to current events–more historical based events. For current events, a blog is updated as the event is happening, maybe good for a quick reference or to understand what is going on, but not to critically analyze historic events. That begs the question of how much time in between posts determines whether the blog can be used for informative or critically analyzed uses. One of the weaknesses of weblog journalism is the amateurity of the author. The author may have a particular bias and omit or alter facts to fit the audience who the blogger is writing for. Cataloging blogs makes them useful for current affairs to compare to with past events, because the blog is updated often. There are also legal implications from blogging such as workplace etiquette and journalistic integrity issues, leading blogging to become less like journalism. But Pedley argues that because corporate companies are now using blogs, blogging is becoming more mainstream journalism.

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