Always Annotating Awesome Info

Monaghan, Beth. “7 Tips for Making Your Content Mobile.” PR Daily News: Public Relations News and Marketing in the Age of Social Media. Ragan Communications, Inc., 27 Aug. 2013. Web. 24 Oct. 2013. <;.


My thesis states that people enjoy short content. People are always quickly on the run and moving, so they prefer reading short articles while gaining the most out of it. We are constantly updating and wanting quick information.

Monaghan states that the usages of mobile news apps have shot up from 600,000 daily users to 800,000 daily users. It makes sense. Globally, so many people own smart phones. She states short tips that readers want; she discusses tips that businesses should take when using these apps to deliver their news. The major ideas she pointed out were short content, easy to e-mail and tweet, and sticking to the facts. She believes there should be a maximum of 400 words while having nice content. It makes total sense. People are always on the run and always wanting the latest info. Quick and brief information are amazing. Also visual content like photos and videos that get a story across are greatly wanted.

Monaghan is a trustworthy source because she is the principal and co-founder of a Marketing and Media Company. The website, PRdalily itself is credible because it has all sorts of communications, media, and other consultants.

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