Whats Social?

So everyone knows that social media has taken over the 21st century and has even become the outlet where most people go to get their daily news. This major powerhouse of connecting to others across the world has become the go to for all things. So social media defined would have to mean the web based outlets in which people connect, communicate, and receive information. And we all know the head bosses in this social media world are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  So when thinking about if blogs should be considered a part of this social media world I say why not. Blogging is a outlet where people get their news and are able to connect with others through their post on comments. Blogs also allow for people from all over the world to connect through the web on this one site where communication is promoted.

Social media is meant to encourage web interaction and be the go to place for people to receive news and information. And a blog is meant to do all those things. Blogs are sites that are created by a person who intends to distribute news that they feel is important to people who share their same interest. Thus making a blog a social media site that has a target audience and specific content.

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