Social Media

Social Media to me is any form of social interactions through an online source.  When thinking about Social Media most often I think about Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  All of these platforms have one thing in common, they are all used to interact to some extent with people that you both know and do not know.  Mediated interaction is much different than face to face because you cannot see peoples immediate reaction to a situation.  It acts some what as a buffer.  I think blogging could be considered Social Media depending on the type of blogs.  All blogs allow people to comment on posts and add input of their own.  Weather the author comments back or interacts with the reader is totally up to them.  Usually, I feel like on a really popular blog that has one author, the author is more friendly and interactive with the readers.  Maybe this is because personal blogs that become popular for what ever reason are almost like a Facebook page that is able to be designed in a more particular manner.  With bigger blogs that have a lot of authors, there is less of an interaction and therefore they are less like social media.  Well, at least in my opinion.


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