Social Media Defined

Social media is very different from any other type of media we have encountered thus far. Movies, TV shows, video games, and newspapers are all forms of media. So how is social media any different from the things already listed? The biggest difference is actually in the name; it is social. When you go onto a social media website like twitter or Facebook, you don’t go to exclusively watch videos or to exclusively read about the news. It’s a combination of many different forms of media rolled into a single, easily accessible package. Furthermore, social media is not limited to a single form or function. Twitter is totally different from something like reddit (I actually would consider this a form of social media). One is about updating statuses and the other is about…well everything and anything really. But that doesn’t mean that they both aren’t forms of social media. They force interaction between users over the internet while also providing entertainment. I never really used Twitter, so I can’t comment on how it’s fun, but reddit is great because most of the time, the best and funniest information is actually in the comments. The new age of technology has allowed us to create new ways of taking in information. Social media is no exception to this. I would consider a blog a form of social media in that it allows interaction among other people. Like how I defined social media itself, blogs can be incredibly varied in how they present content. Some blogs might be focused on music and news while another could be dedicated to poetry and informal writing. If I was asked what social media is, I would probably say that it’s silly to try and put a definition on it, just because it’s always evolving. One day, the big thing might be facebook, but overnight, something else could become the next big thing (like Pinterest which I have never heard of until today). You might one day finally come up with a suitable definition of social media as a whole, but the next thing you know, it’s something totally different. I guess that’s just how the internet works.


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