So What is Social Media?

I think that social media is a place where people can connect with one another. Through social media ideas and opinions are expressed and exchanged to peers and outsiders. The most common examples of these are things such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and my personal favorite YouTube. These are not the only forms of social media but the most commonly known. Social media can include things like Wiki and other websites. I think blogging could be a form of social media. The reason I think this is because readers can connect with other readers through the comments. As a reader you are expressing your ideas and opinions and others are communicating to you by commenting on these ideas. The author themselves are presenting information to the world where there world is communicating their ideas and opinions to the blogger. Blogging fits into the definition of social media because both the blogger and the readers express ideas. Other forms of social media, such a ABC, do not allow their audience to interact with them. Social media does not have to include the participation of the audience but the best form of social media is this ability to for the audience and provider to communicate and interact with one another.

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