Technology vs. Attention Spans

Jeffries, Duncan. The Guadian. March 11, 2013. October 17, 2013. Web.<;

This article pretty much just rehashes a study done by Pew Research Center, and also brings in another researches done and talks about them. One researcher stated that, while young children do have the ability to have longer periods of concentration, leaving them alone with technology can be detrimental because they do not acquire the ability to communicate with people. Another researcher compared two groups of people, one that moved into an urban down and another that lived a “traditional existence”. The researcher said that the urbanized group did not fall far out of her expectations, but she was surprised at the traditional group at how exceptional they were able to concentrate on one thing for a long time. And yet another researcher said that there is no doubt that technology has hindered children’s ability to learn do to the fact that answers no longer have to be researched; a simple Google search will do.

Neither of these new studies are all that groundbreaking, but when almost every research agrees that technology has hindered attention span today, not much really would be.

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