Creative Commons-the other way?

“CC licenses demonstrate an alternative and positive approach towards copyright attitude towards the sharing of (and wider access to) ‘knowledge’ and information.” Here Creative Commons proves itself to be more positive in aspect of sharing works of art as opposed to traditional copyright law. CC also allows users to gain access to an even wider audience than traditional copyright law would allow. This article goes on to say that CC licenses promote a European system of operation that translates into “Author’s rights.” What this means is that CC licenses are modeled to protect and secure the rights of the creator of any work without destroying the creativity that others can make in addition.

Suthersanen, Uma. “Creative Commons-the other way?.”Learned Publishing. 20.1 (2007): 59-68. Web. 17 Oct. 2013. < University, The State University of New Jersey&checksum=FA779AF2A9AD431FF945AC6C432373D8>.


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