Annotated Bib. 5 Is it protected?

Kilmas, Liz. “Do Bloggers ‘Deserve First Amendment Protection’? Sen. Lindsey Graham Isn’t Quite Sure”. The Blaze. 5 June. 2013. Web. 18 Oct. 2013.

The blurred lines between actual journalism and blogging have created a lot of controversy over whether blogging deserves to be fully protected under the First Amendment. This is being questioned by several people one of them being Senator Lindsey Graham.  He is questioning whether blogging is a legitimate form of press and therefore should it have the full protections of the First Amendment and the shield laws. The worry that Senator Graham has is about classified information that bloggers get and get paid for. He wonders whether these types of people should be protected by the Amendment. The truth is that the basis that the Amendment doesn’t protect these people is completely ridiculous. These people who happen to uncover these “classified information” are basically freelance reporters therefore they too should be protected just like freelance reporters who use traditional means of journalism. Also if this information was so easy to obtain then it really isn’t that classified since most regular news would have it too.

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