Your Company is only as good as your writing!

Kyle Wiens, Harvard Business Review, Your Company Is Only As Good As Your Writing, july 8, 2013, Media, Oct. 17, 2013


This article talks about how companies can fail or succeed with their style of writing.  Every individual in a company should be able to perform basic writing with correct grammar.  Communication is key within a business, all employees should be able to contribute to the writing.  If someone makes a mistake in one department another department should be able to catch it and fix it.  Kyle Wiens the CEO of iFixit shares his opinion on how he would only hire people who are able to pass a basic grammar test even if  they are qualified for the job.  He shares his Tech Writing Handbook with other companies to improve their employees in the writing area.

It’s pretty useful, but it won’t be as useful as the other sources that i acquired.  The goal of the source is to have every individual person within a company write a certain way, grammar free.  The source is a bit biased due to the fact that grammar and writing is a very touchy subject with many different sides of arguments and sides.

The source does give me the idea that without communication or “good” writing a company could fail.  How you present a product to a customer is key, and if they don’t understand the writing, it won’t do the company any good.  Other than that I can’t really use it too much within my essay.


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