You Already Know Though (annotated bibliography 5) ☆彡 ☆ミ

Adams, Daniel. “Will social media influence election votes?”. Fairfax NZ News 2013. Web.  17 Oct 2013.

This article is written in reference to New Zealand politics, so it may slightly differ from what happens in the United States. I wanted to include it because it argues for the opposite of what many of my other articles argue; it claims social media does not have a major influence in politics.  The article goes on to say that support on social media did not translate to more votes on recent elections. Social media is only important in spreading more awareness of little known issues, rather than convincing people to sway from their original beliefs. Only when the race is extremely tight does social media contribute a meaningful factor to politics. “However, using the number of Facebook friends as an explanatory variable, only 16.7 per cent of election winners were predicted correctly.” This shows that internet popularity is not always equal to popularity, as social media users only make up a certain portion of the voting population.

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