Who knew the law would cause such a big divide?

Keliher, Michael. “Duets Blog: Is a Blogger a Journalist”. http://www.minnpost.com/minnesota-blog-cabin/2010/05/duets-blog-blogger-journalist . May 25, 2010. Minnesota Blog Cabin

In this article the author seems to be in favor of journalist as being the dominant force when it comes to who should be considered a writer. But the author takes a turn when making reference as to why the line has been drawn in the sand and why there is even a distinction between the two sources of writers. He states that consumers of news rely primary on journalist of newspapers and magazines rather than bloggers because they can trust their information being that their work is published in a prominent source. And also argues that bloggers can be bribed and persuaded into writing good things when reviewing such things like hotels, books, albums, etc. Also the author bases his claims on the standards that the FTC holds bloggers to. He states, “The FTC seems to view bloggers as second-class citizens of the journalism community…” This article takes the direction of placing the blame on the law as to why there is even a divide between bloggers and journalist.

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