Which is Better Blogging or Journalism?

Lowrey, Wilson. “Mapping the journalism–blogging relationship.” Journalism 7.4 (2006): 477-500.

This article talks about the relationship between blogging and Journalism. They mention here that many think that blogging has exposed a lot of the weaknesses found in journalism. The author supports this claim by mentioning that bloggers have really called news programs out for reporting the wrong information. This has caused bloggers to shame journalist to do a better job. The reason a conflict between the two groups exists is because they work in the same area. The author basically compares and contrasts these two topics. He mentions that unlike bloggers, journalists get paid. Because they get paid the do look up the grittier and boring aspects of the news. Bloggers are also dependent on mainstream news media for their reporting. Journalists are also able to cover more areas due to their resources. He also mentions the disadvantages to journalism. The author says that journalist may work in the direction that would benefit the company they are working for; they have constraints and must follow the rules to ensure the success of their company. Another disadvantage to journalism is that journalists are limited based on their advertisers. The author quotes a blogger names Markos Moulitsas saying “I can write about whatever I want….at the end of the day, I don’t need advertisers.” Bloggers careers or stories are not decided by advertisers therefore they can say whatever they like. Journalists are very limited to the information they can revel because of their company and also those they sponsor. This article will help out in supporting the idea that Journalism and blogging are not the same thing. They are very different from each other and provided different forms of information; no one is better than the other because they both have flaws.

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