“The Internet is a mecca for many kinds of anonymous communication. It fosters political de bate, support groups, and commercial activity; it also shields the activities of criminals and sociopaths. With Internet traffic on the rise worldwide, Net users and government policy makers face a complex problem: how to preserve people’s freedom to communicate anonymously online, while holding the abusers of that freedom accountable for their bad behavior.” Even though being anonymous on the internet can lead to great discusses and cultural advancements in terms of policies and acceptance, there are also several downsides such as it becomes hard to monitor behaviors, especially of criminals, sociopaths, and pedophiles. The article is suggestive of several solutions for reprimanding this behavior i.e. not punishing the site but rather the user.


Johnson, Dan. “Anonymity and the Internet.” Futurist 34.4 (2000): 12. Print.

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