Annotated Bib 5: Blogging and Journalism…Meant To Be Together

JD Lasica – Nieman Reports, 2003 –

In this article, J.D. Lasica asks if blogging has anything to do with journalism if it doesn’t follow journalistic standards. Lasica details so called “random acts of journalism” of people who either record video or take down live events with words. Lasica believes that micro-content delivered to niche audiences is news and information. The concept is an accurate one. Certain groups of people enjoy certain types of news, and they rely on a variety of sources to get that information. A whole new news and entertainment market is opened up through blogging. Lasica describes it as a new media “ecosystem”. Readers also become part of the news process. Lasica even argues that web blogs influence journalism–by pushing the envelope on important or interesting news stories, enhancing the reader’s trust, and by giving journalism a personal feel along with a professional one in blogging. While all blogging isn’t journalism, Lasica believes that weblogs are important to the journalistic world, and even further the journalistic process.

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