Opinion from Columbia School of Journalism

Nicholas , Lemann, dir. Digital Age- Are Bloggers Journalists?. Film. 16 Oct 2013. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJNionq2oQs&gt;.


Summarize: Nicholas Lemann, Dean of Columbia Journalism School answered questions that host Jim Zirin asked on his show Digital Age surrounding blogs vs. journalism.  He mentions how journalism is different than a lot of professions because there is no ‘license to journalism.’  One of the clearest statements that he said throughout the interview was when he stated, “Most blogging is opinion journalism not news gathering, reportorial journalists” he then went on to compare bloggers to columnists.  The main difference in all of it according to Lemann is the opinion versus fact base of the two.  He also mentioned how they are different because of the gatekeeping methods of journalism and how there is no gatekeeping in blogging.  Overall, he said there are some similarities and learning technology and digital journalism is a skill that is becoming more prevalent.  But at the end of the day, bloggers are making blogs for their personal enjoyment.  Journalists are reporting for others, and relaying facts to the best of their ability.


This article stated similar things as my previous article surrounding the fact that ideas can become more important and eventually be reported on my major newspapers because there was enough hype surrounding blogs.  This hype eventually goes on and makes newspapers take interest in the story and publish stories around it.  Often newspaper stories influence blogs, however it was interesting how both articles state how it sometimes happens the opposite way.


This resource was really interesting to me, because it was something different.  It was an interview with someone who is a really big deal in the journalism world; because the Columbia School of Journalism is so well known and looked up to it was interesting to hear Lemann’s opinion on blogs and the changing technology.  He brought up some really good points that have not surfaced in the readings that I have previously read.

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