more annotation for all!

Medoff, Norman J., and Barbara K. Kaye. “Tuning in to Electronic Media.” Electronic Media: Then, Now, and Later. Burlington, MA: Focal, 2011. 13-14. Print.

In this section, I read about blogging. I read about the evolution of technology and its benefits. This section discussed the idea that people today are more connected because of the internet, blogging, videos, etc. Social media connected us all and kept us quickly updated with each other’s lives. We check social media more to stay quickly connected to everyone. Quick information allows us to connect with each other. We learn that quick information is good for us. People become more social because of quick information they find and share. People today know that technology will change quickly because we are so prone to quick information. Constant connection, constant uploads. We become great multi-taskers and learn to be more rounded people. Fast information and connection rock!!

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