The blog is not in linear form. In my mind, linear form refers to things placed directly one after another, with a common theme in progression. In her book, Ellen Lupton describes how forms of media are “attacks on linearity” because of their refusal to adhere to a “one-way stream of discourse”. I agree, because although a blog is generally written in short vertically aligned posts, there are many variations to the way it can be written. These variations can completely deviate from the one-way stream of discourse, while it may also hold true to it. In addition, each blog has it’s own header, pictures, outside links, categories and pages that further increase its entropy. This is completely different from the stripped down, bare form that defines linearity in Lupton’s terms.
There are cases where being linear is preferable. It is the fastest way to get all the information you are looking for, without any sort of hindrance. Some blogs may want to adopt linearity or come close to it, when the message is the only thing that matters. You want to get the point across as fast as possible. However, in most cases linearity can appear bland and unappetizing. Blogs always look better when they are dressed up and formatted in a way that the reader can navigate to specifics. This also prevents the reader from getting bored, which can easily happen in linear forms.

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