Linear Thinking

Linearity in writing is an interesting concept. We tend to write like we talk, and often find ourselves making grammatical and stylistic errors. I think we tend to talk in a stream-of-consiousness mode, and that is how we structure our blogs. I think Lupton idicates that linearity is a distinct and concrete form of writing, and that each writing format has its own style. In my annotated bib analysis, I found an article with classified blogs into certain levels of journalistic writing rules and I think that it can apply to blogs as well. I think Lupton also indicates linearity as being a stripped-down writing style, as she categorizes tables of contents, footnotes, abstracts, indicies etc. as moving away from the linear format. Essentially she is characterizing the actual writing content as the linear form, and the additional sources and infomation lead the reader away from a linear format. I think the blog is in a linear form, as Lupton suggests. The writing is the centerpiece, and there are no additional sources or notes added to the writing, keeping the blogging form stylistically original. I think linearity also means simplicity, and that a blog is perfect representation of how to keep writing simple yet informative, and also stripped down.


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