What is linearity? Is it a blog?

“Thinking with Type” by Ellen Lupton introduces the idea of linearity.  She described linear writing as a mono-toned singular body of text that is straight forward and specific.  The writing is very basic and you have no way of knowing when it ends.  Lupton talks about how using devices such as footnotes, page numbers, and headers are resources are ways to stop linearity.  That’s why I think blogs are not a source of linearity.  Blogs have archives, navigation bars, search bars, and titles to pull itself away from linearity.  When people read blogs they are able to use these resources to go in out of different pieces of writing as a way to navigate through the sites.  Lupton also brings up the point that writing takes up both time and space, that spacial dimensions brings readers away from the grasps of linearity.  Blogs take up both time and space to read, each blog post has its own individual space that it’s located within a site.  Each separate space for blog posts completely takes it away as a linear form of writing, blogs are the farthest thing from linearity.  With organization and layout formats, blogs let readers escape from a linear way of writing.

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