In Thinking With Type, Lupton introduces the idea of linearity. She state how since writing takes up space and time, it is important to use linearity. To me this means that there are multiple venues for the reader to explore rather than just a continuous stream where the reader can only scroll downwards. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about Lupton’s idea on linearity. Part of me agrees with her on how there needs to some parts deviating from the text. Otherwise, the blog would just be one massive block (or blocks) of text and that would be neither appealing in terms of looks or for the reader to actually read. When a reader reads, it is not like in conversation where the person can’t really pick and choose what can be heard. However, in blogs, since the words are typed out, they can pick what they want to read and what they don’t. So deviating from linearity is important in the sense that the reader will be less likely to “think too long, don’t want to read”. On the other hand, I believe linearity is also a good thing since it shows that there is a clear line of focus. Too many distractions and deviate the reader away from the main line. A good balance is needed to make a good blog.


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