Linearity to Describe Blogs?

When Ellen Lupton refers to linearity in writing  she defines it as being one dimensional. Meaning that a work is not dynamic and is geared in one direction, not being able to expand into different outlets. But when it comes to blogs I feel that blogs aren’t linear because they are so versatile and have the ability to connect on different levels of interest. Blogs offer the visual impact of photos, videos, slideshows, and different graphics on top of the contribution of writing. Sure when one reads a book they get the feeling of boredom because the reader is forced to focus on one work of art being the words that fill up a page making it linear. But, when it comes to blogs they embody all things artistic that appeal to the eye as well as the brain. I feel that blogs are the very cool and hype version of a collaboration between magazines, videos, books, and newspapers. Thus, making a blog multi-dimensional and well rounded in many ways due to the fact that a blog is full of ideas that impact a reader mentally, visually and artistically.


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